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Lightning Talk: Provably Honest Oracle Service

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Lightning Talk: Provably Honest Oracle Service

Duration: 00:04:50

Speaker: Thomas Bertani

Type: Talk

Expertise: Advanced

Event: Devcon 1

Date: Nov 2015

Thomas Bertani presents on Oraclize (, a set of tools and APIs aiming to enhance the power of smart contracts by pushing external data to the blockchain.
About the speakers


Thomas Bertani


Considering himself a “disruptive technologies addict”, Thomas Bertani is a blockchain entrepreneur and consultant with strong experience in the blockchain world.He’s been an active contributor to this sector since 2012 and he has started 3 companies in this space. In August 2013 he founded Bitboat, a pioneer Bitcoin marketplace. During the past 6 years Thomas has touched several aspects of this technology, from the design of bitcoin ASIC miners to the managing of companies listed on Cryptocurrency Exchanges (2014, 2017).In 2015 Thomas founded the IT security company Oraclize. Since then the company has achieved important goals, being internationally recognized as the main "Oracle service" on blockchain: in the past 3 years Oraclize has provided real-world data to blockchain applications operating in production with over half a Million transactions and 700+ projects dependent on it.Thomas is also Director of Eidoo, which focuses on simplifying the interaction between blockchain and the end user, offering a variety of services including a digital wallet and a decentralised exchange.As a result of his important contributions to the blockchain space, in 2018 Thomas was nominated by Forbes Italy as one of the top 5 young leaders operating in the financial sector.

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