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Ethereum for all : develop mobile apps using MIT AppInventor

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Ethereum for all : develop mobile apps using MIT AppInventor

Duration: 00:14:26

Speaker: Jose Luu

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

Imagine a world where programming Ethereum on mobile is made easy, fun and accessible to anyone. AppInventor aims to make coding accessible to all by providing a graphical API to develop Android applications through high level components usually referred to by “blocks” (by Blockly). It comes from Google, then MIT, and is open source. The strength of AppInventor lies in its simplicity and ergonomics : kids can learn to build an app in a few hours, and business professionals can as easily construct a proof-of-concept of their ideas. Ethereum and public blockchains in general must be accessible to anyone, we are now making blockchain programming accessible to anyone with an AppInventor extension: Qaxh.Eth. With basic blocks such as connecting to Infura, "getBalance", “signTX”, "sendTx" or "getTxStatus" anyone can now create his own app to interact with Ethereum. I will show how I have added extensions based on web3j in order to create blocks for accessing the blockchain. The lightning talk will quickly present the technology, a workshop whose agenda is on another submission will have participants make their own mobile app and create more appinventor blocks, either borrowing functionality from web3j or fully making their own.
About the speakers


Jose Luu


Jose Luu is expert leader on blockchain at the Natixis bank in France. Jose is also supervising post-grad projects on software development and blockchain at university Paris-Dauphine. Jose has always been passionate about coding and creating software systems, he has been in banking for 15 years mostly developing derivative pricing systems.

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