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Keycard - An open source Smartcard hardware wallet framework

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Keycard - An open source Smartcard hardware wallet framework

Duration: 00:55:16

Speaker: Michele Balistreri, Andrea Franz, Guy-Louis GRAU

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Keycard is an open source smartcard framework and API to build smartcards for cryptocurrency. We propose a workshop where developers can learn everything about using Keycard hardware and software. Using Android, iOS or Go SDKs they will quickly learn how to integrate Keycard with existing applications on both mobile (iOS/Android) and desktop. Interacting with the Keycard applet, they will able to integrate a smartcard hardware wallet that implements all the features of an HD Wallet. Using the Keycard Cash wallet, they will learn how to interact with a smartcard “burner wallet” that enables quick onboarding with “pre-paid/pre-loaded” cards and ready to use NFC enabled smartcard to tap and pay at Point of Sales devices.<sup></sup> Keycard applets run on standard javacard smart cards, the same platform used by credit cards or SIM cards, and turns them into a hardware implementation of a BIP-32 HD wallet that supports key generation, derivation and signing. [full text + links/projects/integrations in the PDF attached because of words count limits here]
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