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How to Develop Generalized Applications on Layer2

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How to Develop Generalized Applications on Layer2

Duration: 00:21:52

Speaker: Shuhei Hiya, Yuriko Nishijima

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Advanced

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Cryptoeconomics Lab has been researching generalized Dapps using the second layer technology especially Plasma and building a framework with developer tools for them. The final goal of our R&D is to produce more viable applications running on top of Ethereum by enabling developers to build secure, scalable, and usable Dapps with better developer experience. In this talk, we will first clarify what it’s like to build L2 applications based on the design of the Optimistic Virtual Machine, our latest research focus, which enables the generalization of various Layer2 constructions. Then, we will showcase example L2 applications, such as a payment application with instant finality using Plasma and payment channel and DEX supported by Atomic Swap technique.We hope that we can contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem by sharing our research outcome and its implementation as a library with all the other research teams and create more of the application use cases on Ethereum cooperatively.
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