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Improving the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM 1.0, 1.5, 2.0)

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Improving the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM 1.0, 1.5, 2.0)

Duration: 00:52:16

Speaker: Alex Beregszaszi, Casey Detrio, Lane Rettig, Gregory Colvin, Danny Ryan, Paweł Bylica

Type: Panel

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

This panel will consist of experts with deep experience designing and building both the current iteration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, EVM 1.0, as well as various candidates for future virtual machines including EVM 1.5 (several improvements to the existing EVM) and Ewasm (a reimagining of the Ethereum Virtual Machine built using industry-standard WebAssembly technology). These experts will discuss the history and current state of EVM 1.0, the various improvement proposals that are on the table, and the various initiatives underway today. It will also touch upon harder, more controversial questions regarding the EVM 1.5 and EVM 2.0 (Ewasm) proposals. The panel will give audience members an opportunity to learn about how and why Ethereum and its smart contracts work the way they do today, to ask questions of the experts behind this design, and to participate in the conversation about the future of Ethereum--both the low-level virtual machine and the stack of developer tooling (such as Solidity) built on top of it.
About the speakers


Alex Beregszaszi

Alex is the team lead of Ipsilon at the Ethereum Foundation, a group focused on improving the EVM. Alex has been an early contributor and co-lead of the Solidity team.


Casey Detrio

Long-term contributor to EthereumJS, currently busy doing experiments on sharding R&D implementations.


Danny Ryan

Danny Ryan is a Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, focused on a series of core protocol upgrades aimed to make Ethereum more secure, sustainable, and scalable while retaining decentralization. He is involved with research, spec writing, client development, and general coordination around the project.


Lane Rettig

Lane Rettig is a writer, hacker, entrepreneur, and investor deeply fascinated by the intersection of technological and social systems, and committed to architecting and building human-centric software. He's been working full time on blockchain R&D since 2017. He was formerly an Ethereum core developer, and now focuses his efforts on Spacemesh, a a next-generation smart contract platform based on a novel consensus mechanism.


Paweł Bylica

Working on EVM in Ipsilon team (Ethereum Foundation)

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