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Delightful Developer Experience with Solidity Hot Loader

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Delightful Developer Experience with Solidity Hot Loader

Duration: 00:19:06

Speaker: Igor Yalovoy

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Mass adoption of Ethereum requires attracting both users and developers. Developers trying to enter Ethereum are often pushed away by unstable libraries, lack of documentation and poor developer tools. The typical Solidity development cycle is: change a Solidity code, compile the code, restart a local node, apply an initial state, and restart a frontend app. It can be reduced to just saving Solidity source code and all the changes will propagate automatically. We present a practical implementation of Solidity Hot Loader as well as a generic approach to enable it across the entire Ethereum developer space.
About the speakers


Igor Yalovoy

Igor Yalovoy is cofounder and CTO at fintech startup Babylon Finance. Babylon Finance has grown from zero to 30 million dollars in assets under management in less than a year. Previously, he was the core developer at OpenZeppelin securing billions of dollars in funds for leading crypto organizations including Coinbase, Ethereum Foundation, Compound, Aave, TheGraph.

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