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Dapps Ain't Easy

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Dapps Ain't Easy

Duration: 00:07:12

Speaker: Santiago Palladino

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Along with my job at OpenZeppelin, I spent the last year writing a book on Ethereum for traditional web developers new to the space. While writing, I found that many things that we take for granted when coding on Ethereum are much more difficult to get right than we think. On this lightning talk, we will briefly present overlooked challenges on gas estimations, handling reorganizations, and even managing subscriptions. Though there will be no silver bullet solution to close, we will discuss what we can do as an ecosystem to mitigate these problems.
About the speakers


Santiago Palladino

Santiago joined the Ethereum dev space in 2017. He has worked as Director of Development and Security Reseacher at OpenZeppelin, has contributed to multiple open source projects, and wrote the book "Ethereum for Web Developers". He's also a councilmember for TheGraph. Prior to web3, he worked for over 10 years on software development, focusing on disease surveillance and disaster response. He was also a TA at University of Buenos Aires, where he got his Masters in Computer Science.

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