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The Future of Wallets: MPC vs Smart Wallets

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The Future of Wallets: MPC vs Smart Wallets

Duration: 00:09:35

Speaker: Ivo Georgiev

Type: Lightning Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

There's undoubtedly more we can do to improve Ethereum wallet UX, and there's two technologies competing for this: MPC (multi-party computation) and smart wallets. Let's explore the relative strenghts and weaknesses of each, as well as the protocol upgrades that will help (eg account abstractions, EIP3074 and EIP4337) and how those affect the comparsion.
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Ivo Georgiev

I've been coding since 10yo, in that time I've went through multiple things: I started with game dev, then switched to systems: I made my own Linux distribution at the age of 15, focused on improving the Linux UX: it peaked at p9 on distrowatch. I cofounded a media center that grew to >25m users (Stremio) More recently I've taken on a quest to combine all my skills, namely UX, security and smart contracts, to push the crypto UX forward in the form of a next-gen smart wallet,

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