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libp2p ❤ devp2p: IPFS and Ethereum Networking

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libp2p ❤ devp2p: IPFS and Ethereum Networking

Duration: 00:10:51

Speaker: David Dias, Juan Benet

Type: Talk

Expertise: Advanced

Event: Devcon 2

Date: Sep 2016

libp2p is the modular secure networking suite that powers IPFS. It defines a set of interfaces for common networking and peer-to-peer protocols. libp2p is fast, robust, and powerful. It uses multiformats for self-description, avoiding algorithm lock-in, and cryptographic agility. libp2p handles Authentication, Transports, Stream Multiplexing, Peer Discovery, Peer Routing, Content Routing, NAT Traversal, and Relay. The coolest thing? It also runs entirely on the browser! devp2p is the secure networking suite that powers Ethereum. It also defines a set of networking and peer-to-peer protocols. devp2p is also fast and robust. It uses RLPx for authentication, stream multiplexing, network forming, and protocol multiplexing. This talk compares libp2p and devp2p, traces their concurrent history, discusses protocol differences and similarities, and suggests important areas of future collaboration and synthesis of efforts. The aim of this talk is to launch an important collaboration between the Ethereum and IPFS communities.
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