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ERC1066: Better UX & DX in Just One Byte

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ERC1066: Better UX & DX in Just One Byte

Duration: 00:20:23

Speaker: Brooklyn Zelenka

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

This talk discusses ERC1066: a common set of Ethereum status codes ("ESC") in the same vein as signals, tagged tuples, and HTTP status codes. They provide an opt-in way of enriching payloads with a finite set of shared metadata. ESCs improve smart contract autonomy, UX, and DX, with clear application for localization, wallet integration, and contract interoperability. Code layout, Solidity and JS helper libraries, and tooling are all designed with developer experience in mind. While much broader than errors, ESCs are fully compatible with revert-with-message, with the added bonus of being localized for the end user. Come see the difference a byte makes!
About the speakers


Brooklyn Zelenka

Chief Engineer

Brooklyn Zelenka is a polyglot programmer, a founding partner and Chief Engineer at Robot Overlord Software, and a coffee enthusiast. She is a frequent international keynote speaker, panelist, and lecturer, and the primary author of ERC902 (token validation) and ERC1066 (status codes). Lately she has been thinking a lot about the success and failure modes of different tech disciplines, scaling blockchain VMs, and how dependent types can help save us from ourselves. When not roaming the world as a digital nomad, Brooklyn is based out of Vancouver, Canada.

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