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EthereumJS - Our Roadmap for 2019

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EthereumJS - Our Roadmap for 2019

Duration: 00:20:12

Speaker: Holger Drewes, Jared Wasinger, Casey Detrio, Vinay Pulim, Alex Beregszaszi

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

In this talk we will give an introduction to the EthereumJS ecosystem and the various libraries we are maintaining and provide an outlook on future developments. We will tell you about the state of our virtual machine implementation and plans on Ewasm integration and we will retrace the progress on our client project. We will further talk about where we think we can contribute to the latest sharding research efforts and explain why we get more and more excited about TypeScript, what AssemblyScript is and what all this has to do with progress and future integration of an Ewasm virtual machine. This will be a combined talk by various members of the EthereumJS team.
About the speakers


Alex Beregszaszi

Alex is the team lead of Ipsilon at the Ethereum Foundation, a group focused on improving the EVM. Alex has been an early contributor and co-lead of the Solidity team.


Casey Detrio

Long-term contributor to EthereumJS, currently busy doing experiments on sharding R&D implementations.


Holger Drewes

Team Lead

Team lead for EthereumJS, working as a Javascript developer and doing team coordination and community communication.


Jared Wasinger

Jared is a software developer working on Ethereum, EWASM and testing.


Vinay Pulim

Team lead for the EthereumJS client project.

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