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Development Frameworks

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Development Frameworks

Duration: 00:35:56

Speaker: Andy Milenius, Conor Svensson, Yann Levreau, Jack Peterson, Piper Merriam, Nick Dodson, Iuri Matias

Type: Panel

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 3

Date: Nov 2017

Andy Milenius, Conor Svensson, Yann Levreau, Jack Peterson, Piper Merriam, Nick Dodson, & Iuri Matias discuss Development Frameworks.
About the speakers


Andy Milenius


Andy Milenius is the CTO of MakerDAO and has been with the project since 2015. Aside from stablecoins, he is most interested in the intersection between decentralized applications, democracy and environmentalism. He is also a member of DappHub, an online collective that focuses on the logistics of dapp development and the philosophical implications of the decentralization movement. He is from Detroit, USA and currently lives in New York City, USA.


Conor Svensson

Founder / Chair, Technical Specification Working Group

Founder of, provider of an Enterprise Ethereum platform based on Quorum.Author of web3j, the Java library for integrating with Ethereum.Chair, Technical Standards at the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.


Iuri Matias

Embark Lead Deveoper

Iuri is the founder of Embark, has worked extensively with the Ethereum Foundation, primarily on Remix, and has been around since pretty much the beginning of the network. Embark is the oldest framework on Ethereum, and Iuri started building it in his spare time shortly after Ethereum itself launched. Thanks to Status, he now works on Embark full time.


Piper Merriam

Snake Charmer

(talking about myself in the third person is fun)Piper Merriam has been part of the Ethereum community since the launch of the Frontier network.  He is a buidler who loves Python and open source.  Most recently Piper works for the Ethereum Foundation running the Python team which maintains and develops tools with a focus on facilitating and support research efforts as well as building core infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem.Other projects of his include the Ethereum Alarm Clock, EthPM (Ethereum package management), The Trinity Ethereum client, The Populus development framework, the function signature database.

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