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Duration: 00:03:46

Speaker: Heiko Burkhardt

Type: Workshop

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

Piet is a web application providing support to understand smart contract architectures. This is approached by generating a graphical representation of such architectures and a possibility to query deployed instances of smart contracts. The graphical representation shows the inheritance structure of solidity contracts. In addition to the inheritance structure the defined enumerations and structs are shown. To provide understanding of one single solidity contract Piet offers an inspector view showing all members of the contract including the inherited ones. The presentation of the contract and the contract members is enriched by documentation labels derived from Ethereum NatSpec tags. Piet also provides an interactive mode enabling to read the state of a smart contract, sending transactions and browsing through events. This is achieved by connecting to deployed smart contracts through an injected web3 object.
About the speakers


Heiko Burkhardt

Heiko is an information engineering and management graduate working as a blockchain developer for 5 years.

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