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Integrating Ethereum at Scale

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Integrating Ethereum at Scale

Duration: 01:00:02

Speaker: Eric Scrivner, Jake Craige, Pete Kim

Type: Panel

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

Many developers understand how to integrate with the Ethereum blockchain with a few accounts, but how do you grow your product to support millions of users? Jake & Eric, engineering leads at Coinbase, will facilitate a roundtable discussion about the unique challenges of integrating with Ethereum at scale, including key management, protecting customer privacy, and building for forks. We hope this conversation will be a starting point for other major companies in the space to share how they’ve scaled and learn ways we can support each other to grow this industry.
About the speakers


Eric Scrivner

Senior Software Engineer

Eric is a Senior Software Engineer at Coinbase where he has worked on several cryptocurrency integrations and is now focused on integration scaling. Prior to Coinbase, he was a Manager and Senior Architect at several successful high scale startups in the Los Angeles area.


Jake Craige

Senior Software Engineer

Jake is a Senior Software Engineer at Coinbase where he works on projects including the implementation of new assets and Ethereum wallet management. Prior to Coinbase, he was a Senior Developer at thoughtbot where he developed code for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

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