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Standards in Ethereum - how do we make them, how should we?

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Standards in Ethereum - how do we make them, how should we?

Duration: 01:56:53

Speaker: Daniel Burnett, Jory Burson, Nick Johnson, Chaals Neville, Charles St.Louis

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Ethereum, unlike most distributed ledgers, is based on standards, from the Yellow Paper to EIPs. Even the "corporate" technology users in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance build on the Ethereum standards and extend them with their own standards process designed to avoid fragmentation or divergence. This session will explain the existing standards mechanisms and processes both for Ethereum and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, how they work individually and together, and be a collaborative exploration of what we can do to improve the various standards processes and make sure they produce better outcomes for the ecosystems and the variety of stakeholders that Ethereum serves.
About the speakers


Daniel Burnett

Dr. Burnett has over two decades of experience in the authoring, editing, and chairing of over a dozen web and Internet standards, including WebRTC, Verifiable Credentials, and Decentralized Identifiers. In his current role as the Executive Director of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Dan works to increase adoption of Ethereum by the broader non-technical business community for the betterment of all.


Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson is the founder and lead developer of the Ethereum Name Service. Prior to launching ENS, he worked at the Ethereum Foundation, where he acted as core developer on go-ethereum.

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