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Opting Into The Surveillance State: The UX of Informed Consent

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Opting Into The Surveillance State: The UX of Informed Consent

Duration: 00:20:33

Speaker: Jonny Howle

Type: Breakout

Expertise: intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

There is a saying among IT security professionals that the most vulnerable part of any system is the human. Additionally, it just so happens that when you want to exploit human behavior, product designers can be the most effective attackers. We have seen this be the case in such high profile instances as the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal, and with Libra looming on the horizon, the situation is only becoming more dire.As we move into a future where digital identities can be sovereign and people truly have both the power to control the the data they share, but also the responsibility that comes with this power, what role do product designers play in helping to bring about the future that the self-sovereign identity movement promises?This talk will will explore the importance of ethics in design as it relates to data sharing and also examine some of the common "dark patterns" that are currently exploited. It will also present examples and suggestions for best practices when interacting with user data, how to gain informed consent from users, how to solve the "privacy paradox", how to design dApps that are GDPR compliant, and other related topics.



About the speakers


Jonny Howle

Design Lead

Jonny is a designer with experience in Product, UX, UI, and Visual Design with a career beginning in Advertising Art Direction at the University of Texas. After working on a number of Fortune 500 brands, Jonny made the leap to products when he became the creative director of a budding sports app startup. Jonny has also obtained his Master's in Digital Experience Design from Hyper Island where he wrote his thesis on the topic of design, disruption, and blockchain.Jonny continued his blockchain work at IBM Blockchain designing Supply Chain Solutions that leveraged Hyperledger Fabric. Jonny currently works on the future of Identity on the decentralized web at uPort (ConsenSys). This work has him focusing on the intersection of security, privacy, transparency, and usability. Jonny is passionate making the promises of cutting-edge technologies, like blockchain, accessible to everyone.

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