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Layer2 Design Patterns - (enhanced from previous submission #1251)

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Layer2 Design Patterns - (enhanced from previous submission #1251)

Duration: 00:21:43

Speaker: Beltran Berrocal

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Continuing previous research I’m interviewing all Layer2 solution providers, exploring current solutions, their problems, the UX patterns and user-research being done. The interviews are focused on extracting knowledge from the companies own user-research, if available: only a few of these projects have actually launched and have real users and even less have performed real user-research. The only company I’m partially affiliated with, Abridged, will launch 7 apps by EthBerlin and there are 13 more launching in September. For once Layer2 tech allows to have direct user contact since most flows ask for user emails.I hope there will be enough users to gather some data which I’d like to share at Devcon, although at this time I can’t guarantee it. Even so, this talk will allow viewers to quickly learn about all Layer2 UX patterns in one session, learning about the differences between the UX mechanics of payment channels, Plasma, (Generalized) State Channels, maybe sidechains, their pros-and-cons, how users enter and exit these systems, how and what they understand about decentralization, what are the open design problems of the space, and accelerating their knowledge of Layer2 solutions which hold the promise to onboard real users onto the decentralized web



About the speakers


Beltran Berrocal

UX Designer

I'm a 360º designer, developer, educator, entrepreneurI wrote the Web3 Design Principles ('m also the proponent of a Web3 Design System that includes a series of guidelines for UX designers in this space a Web3 Design Library of components, a bootstrap like library for quickly developing dapp front-ends that implement the principles of the guidelines and give consistent UX across dappsI'm working on the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) UX redesignI've been teaching Design (strategic, product, communications, UX, etc) in various universities, schools and facilitating product and business transformation through design workshops and talks for c-level managersauthor of “New Kind of Design” Research (2003-2015) on the trends shaping the fields of Design and the business worldStartup advisor @ University of Malaga, Polaris Spin-off programcollaborated to solve part of the DAO Hackco-founded Likido, an angel list on the blockchain that allowed VCs and Angel investors to raise funds and invest in startups in a regulated way, through a point and click interface and through a token mechanism that allowed them to upgrade the liquidation modelco-founded an Art Foundation that exhibits Art for Hackersportfolio

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