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Conversational design: the low-cost way to design your dApp

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Conversational design: the low-cost way to design your dApp

Duration: 00:48:57

Speaker: Ryan Cordell

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Have you ever been told that your dApp is difficult to use or understand? Have you had to write a tutorial on Medium or Kauri just so users can make it through a flow? Well it's time to put an end to that. In this workshop you'll learn how to quickly and cheaply ensure you're building something that your users will really understand. By starting with a script as an early, low fidelity prototype you'll realise your interface is more than a container of content, it's a conversation between your system and the user. This will help you: - appeal to more users by removing the jargon and technical language from your front end - build interfaces in a more logical order with clearer content hierarchy - identify edge cases before development even starts - reduce iteration in-browser - get better feedback from usability testing We'll go through the entire process: from some quick guerrilla research through scripting onto sketching and iterating. So you'll get a chance at levelling up some of your other design skills too. You'll leave this workshop with both a new way of thinking about products and a powerful new tool for designing and building one.



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