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Ethereum Mist - Progress and Challenges Ahead

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Ethereum Mist - Progress and Challenges Ahead

Duration: 00:17:37

Speaker: Everton Fraga, Alex Van de Sande, Marc Garreau, Philipp Langhans, Ryan Ghods

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

In this talk, the Mist team shows the year in recap, with milestones and interesting challenges ahead.



About the speakers


Alex Van de Sande

Alex joined the Ethereum foundation in 2014 and was lead of the Wallet and Browser project as well as many other contributions. During his term in the foundation he also founded ENS with Nick Johnson. He has also since worked on many projects, trying to help onboard users in a multisig account (Unilogin) and worked at the Defi project Balancer Labs. Alex is currently a delegate and public goods stewards for ENS.


Everton Fraga


Ev is a developer (and sometimes designer), helping build Mist since 2016.


Marc Garreau

Developer at the EF since 2017 working on the Mist Browser, Grid, and now the Python team maintaining and creating educational resources.


Philipp Langhans


Philipp joined the Ethereum Foundation in 2018 to work on Mist with a focus on security and browser technologies such as the Electron framework.


Ryan Ghods


Joined the Mist team beginning of 2018, helping improve the internal architecture and user experience

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