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ENS Ethereum Name Service On-boarding Booth

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ENS Ethereum Name Service On-boarding Booth

Duration: 00:42:26

Speaker: Beltran Berrocal, Makato Inoue

Type: Workshop

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

The Ethereum Name Service is one of the key projects that aim at simplifying the use of Ethereum by converting long and complicated hashes (user addresses, contract address, IPFS url etc) into simple memorable short names. Instead of writing 0x123...ABC the users can simply write “me.somedomain.eth”. Although the result is simple, it requires some complicated interactions to register a domain and assign it to the user’s desired address. The aim of the on-boarding booth is to help as many people as possible to start using these names right away guiding them through the process of: - Registering a subdomain (free or paying) which is an instant process - Pointing it to their address - Set the reverse address so that Dapps can show their name instead of the address - Eventually explain and guide them through the initial phases of registering a full .eth domain that requires to go through the 5 day Vickrey auction process that is the most confusing step for every user



About the speakers


Beltran Berrocal

UX Designer

I'm a 360º designer, developer, educator, entrepreneurI wrote the Web3 Design Principles ('m also the proponent of a Web3 Design System that includes a series of guidelines for UX designers in this space a Web3 Design Library of components, a bootstrap like library for quickly developing dapp front-ends that implement the principles of the guidelines and give consistent UX across dappsI'm working on the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) UX redesignI've been teaching Design (strategic, product, communications, UX, etc) in various universities, schools and facilitating product and business transformation through design workshops and talks for c-level managersauthor of “New Kind of Design” Research (2003-2015) on the trends shaping the fields of Design and the business worldStartup advisor @ University of Malaga, Polaris Spin-off programcollaborated to solve part of the DAO Hackco-founded Likido, an angel list on the blockchain that allowed VCs and Angel investors to raise funds and invest in startups in a regulated way, through a point and click interface and through a token mechanism that allowed them to upgrade the liquidation modelco-founded an Art Foundation that exhibits Art for Hackersportfolio

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