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How To Onboard A Staking User in Under 5 Minutes

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How To Onboard A Staking User in Under 5 Minutes

Duration: 00:19:49

Speaker: Adam Soffer, Xuan Yue

Type: Talk

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

1) Staking problem overview As dPOS becomes a popular design pattern, staking tokens is an activity that end users for dapps and protocols are increasingly exposed to in order to get the required network participation. Since user interfaces for dPoS is still quite new for most, we hope to help you with your own design research by sharing some of our challenges and learnings unique to designing dPoS staking applications. At Livepeer, we employ a dPOS approach to ensure the quality and security of the video transcoding services that our platform provides. Past studies showed that it took from 30 minutes up to 3 days for new users to figure out how to stake. This led us to ask the question: how can we make the experience so intuitive that even new users can go from signing up with a wallet to staking token in under 5 minutes? 2) Research and design A) We conducted 15 user interviews with current and new users and constructed a user journey of the current staking experience. B) Noting the pain points and feature requests from these initial talks, we then went on to do competitive analysis across 10 staking apps for prominent blockchain projects, taking inspiration from the best elements of each. C) Due to feedback about user confusion, while navigating our staking app, we asked users to card sort features on the current application to help us redesign information architecture. D) Lastly, we iteratively tested our redesign with clickable prototypes to create a brand new onboarding experience and a brand new staking platform. 3) Results Our A/B test of the prototype showed a significant improvement in the amount of time it took for users to go from signing up to staking token. 60+% participants were able to complete the new staking prototype in under 5 minutes*! *Given that the user has already installed a wallet and have acquired Livepeer token.



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