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Gnosis Safe - Make dealing with crypto a less scary thing

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Gnosis Safe - Make dealing with crypto a less scary thing

Duration: 00:26:17

Speaker: Stefan George

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

The Safe is the first smart contract based multi-signature wallet targeting mobile users. Using smart contracts as proxies between users and dApps opens the door for many usability and security improvements. New access control schemes can be implemented to allow for 2FA and recovery mechanisms making private key management redundant. Transactions can be sent via relay services, which can be paid in any kind of token. Users won't need Ether anymore to interact with the Ethereum network. Usability and costs for dApps can be improved by batching transactions together making user flows simpler and more intuitive. The presentation will give a detailed overview about the Safe implementation of the different features and how they can be used for future dApp development.More information and a download to the testnet beta can be found here:



About the speakers


Stefan George


Stefan is an entrepreneur and developer who became interested in Bitcoin in 2013. He started his own Bitcoin startup Fairlay, one of the leading prediction markets using Bitcoin today. Previously Stefan worked at tech companies in Silicon Valley and at Berlin-based startups. After finishing his Master’s in CS he decided to travel Asia for a year in 2014 and started Gnosis afterwards working from Berlin. The first alpha version of Gnosis was released just one week after the launch of Ethereum. Stefan leads the development at Gnosis and implemented the smart contracts behind the prediction market platform. In addition, Stefan wrote the multisig-wallet which became a standard for ICOs today.

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