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BUIDL a Mesh Network of Human Beings

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BUIDL a Mesh Network of Human Beings

Duration: 00:09:14

Speaker: Kevin Owocki, Vivek Singh

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

As the Ethereum community doubles down their focus on creating usable dApps, its important to remember that we're designing for 3 dimensional humans.  How do these humans organize, and how will their organizations be different from the hierarchical organizations of yesteryear?  What are best practices for organizing groups of humans in a peer to peer way.In this devcon4 lightning talk, Gitcoin Founder Kevin Owocki will talk about best practices for creating intrinsic motivation that creates collective action in p2p networks of human beings



About the speakers


Kevin Owocki

Working Group Member

Kevin Owocki is the founder of -- An Ethereum-based network for growing open source software with incentivization mechanics. He has a BS in Computer Science, 10 years of engineering leadership experience in startups and Open Source Software, and is a community organizer in the Boulder Colorado Tech Scene.Kevin believes strongly that the future of work is unbundled; the future of knowledge work will be driven by decentralization, community, and emergent collaboration.  Gitcoin a one-stop shop that gives Software Developers the skills & connections to survive and thrive in this new blockchain ecosystem.


Vivek Singh


Bio: Vivek is a co-founder of Gitcoin, a marketplace connecting open source software contributors with web3 projects. Vivek also works in the Ethereum open source community, mostly on grants and new programming to bring developers and researchers into our world.

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