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User Experience of Aragon

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User Experience of Aragon

Duration: 00:22:38

Speaker: Jouni Helminen

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

Problematic user experience of decentralised applications has been a major factor in slow adoption of them. We think this is attributable partially due to incomplete technology, but also to lack of established design patterns and design systems in the space. Through the work we have done with Aragon, and other open source projects like Ubuntu and Matrix/Riot redesign we think increased attention to design can really help push these important technologies to wider audiences. We would like to share learnings from these projects. Additionally, we are announcing a new open source design system and UI component library - Lorakeet -  for decentralised applications, using React and Styled Components for theming. We hope it will help developers and designers build dapps with a good level of baseline design choices and code quality, and that the community will adopt and contribute to it.



About the speakers


Jouni Helminen

Design Lead

Jouni has been designing interfaces and apps for web and mobile for over 15 years in Scandinavia, London and Asia. In addition to consulting for technology and financial clients, he has lately been mostly working on open source projects aimed at large scale impact - Ubuntu Phone and Desktop, recent redesign of and Aragon. He has been into Ethereum from the start, and with Aragon he is working on enabling people to organise, create and work together in new ways, and how to bring blockchain to regular users to benefit everyone.

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