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Recurring meta transactions to power l33t subscriptions!

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Recurring meta transactions to power l33t subscriptions!

Duration: 00:05:07

Speaker: Austin Griffith

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

Dapps require way too much on-boarding. The Ethereum ecosystem needs to push toward mass adoption by allowing new users immediate access to functionality and interactivity without all the hoops to jump through. This means paying the gas for first time users' transactions.  Thanks to public/private key pairs, users can sign meta transactions and incentivize desktop miners to pay the gas for them. I will demonstrate how etherless accounts can craft and sign transaction off-chain and send them to a relayer. The relayer, incentivized by the a reward in the transaction, submit the the meta transaction to a bouncer proxy and pay the gas.  This also works great for Universal Logins where you have an identity proxy that your etherless devices can transact through.



About the speakers


Austin Griffith

With a year of Ethereum development and 15+ years of traditional web/game/infrastructure knowledge, my goal is to provide a developer toolset and examples to drive mass Ethereum adoption through lowering the barrier to entry. I love the #buidl community and I try to supplement the ecosystem whenever I can. If I find something that seems difficult or undocumented, I try to jump in and figure it out so others can have a better understanding. I also love building decentralized games in my free time :) Check out all my projects at: or hit me up @austingriffith

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