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Human Centered Identity: We are more than keys

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Human Centered Identity: We are more than keys

Duration: 00:31:03

Speaker: Jonny Howle

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

Much of the discussion around identity in our industry is centered on specific identifiers, authentication standards, open protocols, etc. However, I think we need to consider identity from the human outward. What do we care about when we talk about identity? How does identity relate to reputation? What does self-sovereignty actually mean? And of course, what do we need to consider when designing experiences to support the most fundamental aspects of ourselves. Privacy, security, accessibility and flexibility become increasingly critical in this context. The goal of this presentation is to first establish a shared understanding of the fundamental concepts and behaviors we are trying to translate online. To do this, I draw on philosophy, psychology and sociology. Then, an examination of the current state of digital identity and it's many design flaws. And finally, a road towards a solution. Where are we so far? What have we learned about addressing the privacy and security concerns of people through design? What are the current best practices and thinking around designing experiences for interacting and managing your identity. It's been said that money is the killer app of crypto, but what is worth more: you money or your identity?



About the speakers


Jonny Howle

Design Lead

Jonny is a designer with experience in Product, UX, UI, and Visual Design with a career beginning in Advertising Art Direction at the University of Texas. After working on a number of Fortune 500 brands, Jonny made the leap to products when he became the creative director of a budding sports app startup. Jonny has also obtained his Master's in Digital Experience Design from Hyper Island where he wrote his thesis on the topic of design, disruption, and blockchain.Jonny continued his blockchain work at IBM Blockchain designing Supply Chain Solutions that leveraged Hyperledger Fabric. Jonny currently works on the future of Identity on the decentralized web at uPort (ConsenSys). This work has him focusing on the intersection of security, privacy, transparency, and usability. Jonny is passionate making the promises of cutting-edge technologies, like blockchain, accessible to everyone.

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