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Realigning Incentives for Nonprofits with Ethereum

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Realigning Incentives for Nonprofits with Ethereum

Duration: 00:26:10

Speaker: Griff Green

Type: Talk

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

The Nonprofit space is a victim of our incomplete economic model. Our current economy does a great job at assigning value to individual wants and needs, but shared resources (infrastructure, the environment, public goods, etc) and taking care of the less fortunate members in our society are not assigned any value at all. Instead, when entrepreneurs do value calculations (profit projections) they are incentivized to extract everything they can from "externalities" because that improves the numbers on their spreadsheet. This is an impossible battle to win for the nonprofit world. Nonprofits will not out-compete for-profit companies when the economic model is working against them. We need to build new economic models around causes, so that we can actually attribute value to these "externalities" appropriately. I will introduce the various tools we have in the Ethereum space: Harberger Tax, Token Bonding Curves, DAO Governance Models, Escrows, Traceable donations, etc and how they can be used to build parallel economic models to fill the gaps in the current system. We have the tools to design, simulate, test and iterate solutions that can level the playing field for nonprofits! Let's get to work!
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