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Melonport will not exist by Devcon 5

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Melonport will not exist by Devcon 5

Duration: 00:26:45

Speaker: Jenna Zenk

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

Melon is an experimental project developed during a 2-years workshop by Melonport AG. The ambitious endeavor undertaken by the Melon team was to build a decentralized asset management system powered by Ethereum. Mission accomplished. During this talk we'd like to provide a deep insight on our journey building the asset management infrastructure of tomorrow on top of Ethereum. We would also like to unveil Melon v1.0, together with the token economics (Melonomics) and the governance mechanisms of the Melon ecosystem. The token model has never been attempted before and leverages work that Vitalik Buterin and other renowned experts have written about in the past. Similarly, Melon governance system is unique in many aspects and will allow Melonport to step down as sole maintainer of Melon protocol, while ensuring the longevity and integrity of the protocol. This presentation constitutes the first step in the decentralization process of the maintenance of the Melon protocol, as we would like to make a call for applications to the Melon Technical Council (given our skilled governance model, the Devcon audience is the perfect crowd for that matter). Melonport will not exist at this time next year. Our talk will explain how we made this possible.
About the speakers


Jenna Zenk


Jenna is a software engineer with a background in financial markets and experience in asset management. She graduated from ESCP Europe in Paris, with a Master in Management and Financial Engineering. Prior to joining Melonport, she worked in the hedge fund industry, both in Paris and New York. Her involvement in the Ethereum ecosystem early on and passion for decentralization and crypto-economics got her into programming. She learned programming at Fullstack Academy of Code in New York. With both financial and technical knowledge, Jenna is devoted to build Melon as the new standard in asset management.

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