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Money is the killer Ðapp: crypto in Venezuela

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Money is the killer Ðapp: crypto in Venezuela

Duration: 00:25:43

Speaker: Alejandro Machado, Eduardo Gomez

Type: Talk

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

We want to talk about real-world cryptocurrency use in avoiding forex controls, preserving one's wealth while fleeing an authoritarian regime, and escaping hyperinflation. Venezuela is in a deep economic crisis of its own making: relentless money printing and disastrous fiscal policies have brought the country to the edge of collapse. Eduardo will tell his own story of people using cryptocurrency as an unstoppable store of value and medium of exchange. Alejandro will recount how the crypto community, including projects like Zcash,, and MakerDAO, are researching how to allow Venezuelans to gain access to open money that, unlike the dying bolívar, will not consistently depreciate 50%+ each month, and that anybody could use.
About the speakers


Alejandro Machado


Currently researching cryptocurrency adoption in VenezuelaCreator, wrote design guidelines and performed UX audits for five dapps: Peepeth, Cryptokitties, OpenSea, Airswap, BancorResearch / Interviews / Personas building / Copywriter / Design for the new Zeppelin websiteResearch usability improvements for Toshi, both for developers and end users1.5 years as UX Lead - Researched and designed furniture configurator web appsBackground in computer science, including computational complexity theory and machine learning


Eduardo Gomez

Venezuelan long-time crypto user and authoritarian-regime escapee. Worked as a freelance content creator in the cryptocurrency space. Wrote news and research articles for The Merkle, NewsBTC and Cointelegraph. Content contributor for Blockchannel.Head of the Customer Support department for, Crypto's biggest centralized marketplace. Running Ethereum nodes and mining rigs since 2015.Background in Computer Science, Networking 4G/LTE.

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