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Money At The Edge: How People Stay Afloat in Venezuela

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Money At The Edge: How People Stay Afloat in Venezuela

Duration: 00:20:55

Speaker: Alejandro Machado

Type: Talk

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

The Open Money Initiative has gone into the field to understand how Venezuelans survive in the midst of heavy capital controls, criminalization of free markets, and hyperinflation. We'll share stories from places like Cúcuta, where worthless bills are used as art and home decor, and Caracas, where individuals are saving in bitcoin, trading it for local currency only at times of essential purchases. We'll discuss concepts for products and services in places where regimes have a tight grip on society, and how they relate to cryptocurrency.
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Alejandro Machado


Currently researching cryptocurrency adoption in VenezuelaCreator, wrote design guidelines and performed UX audits for five dapps: Peepeth, Cryptokitties, OpenSea, Airswap, BancorResearch / Interviews / Personas building / Copywriter / Design for the new Zeppelin websiteResearch usability improvements for Toshi, both for developers and end users1.5 years as UX Lead - Researched and designed furniture configurator web appsBackground in computer science, including computational complexity theory and machine learning

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