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Increasing adoption, the hard(ware) way

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Increasing adoption, the hard(ware) way

Duration: 00:21:36

Speaker: Eduardo Antuña Diez, Pol Bordas

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Everyday we use tremendous amount of computer power. However, nowadays all of this processing needs are fulfilled by 3rd parties and it is damn convenient to do so, even if it means sacrificing privacy and security. In the short term it is not very likely that families have servers at home that fulfil all their computing needs 24/7, let alone the nodes to run blockchains! The mass market is already buying and running, of their own volition, hardware that provides them with a service they extract direct value from: a smart hub home, a voice assistant, AI bots monitoring all sorts of data… These are entering the consumer market by the storm, but they are missing one key piece: a means to transfer native value within the networks they form. Can we leverage the hardware people are already accepting into their homes and give them more functionality? Can we equip these devices with nodes and increase node count? What needs to happen for this to become a reality? An incentivization layer, a more data-conscious cyber-culture and direct value to the user would get us there. This talk will explore how to put a node in every home.
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