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Upgradeability of self governed contract

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Upgradeability of self governed contract

Duration: 00:05:36

Speaker: Hadrien Croubois

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

On-chain wallets offer many features that more traditional private key based account lack. This is why many projects are pushing toward broader adoption of multisig wallets to represent users' identity and improve the UX. Yet, all are different and it's unlikely that any of the multisig available right now will be relevant more than a few years. There are features we haven't even though about that will be important to have in the future.ERC725 proposes to build a minimalistic proxy and change its owner when the users feel the need. This allows you to keep your address and not have to move your token to a new wallet. But with this approach, the ownership logic doesn't own the assets so meta-tx with refund is more complex.A better solution would be to allow the proxy to be the multisig itself while offering the same upgradeability potential. Since EthCC 2019, KitsuneWallet has been building a framework that provides upgradeability by design it an increasing number of project (UniversalLogin, Shipl, ...). With this framework, users can upgrade their on-chain wallet to benefit from new features or even change the entire interface to move from one UX to another.
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Hadrien Croubois

Distributed systems Ph. D. ▪︎ Smart Contract Engineer @ OpenZeppelin ▪︎ #Ethereum Magician ▪︎ @graphprotocol advocate

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