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Middleware & on-chain Services

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Middleware & on-chain Services

Duration: 00:58:30

Speaker: Roman Mandeleil, Piper Merriam, Christian Lundkvist, Joseph Chow, Nikolai Mushegian, George Hallam

Type: Panel

Expertise: Advanced

Event: Devcon 1

Date: Nov 2015

Ethereum's George Hallam moderates a panel on Ethereum Middleware and On-Chain Services


About the speakers


Piper Merriam

Snake Charmer

(talking about myself in the third person is fun)Piper Merriam has been part of the Ethereum community since the launch of the Frontier network.  He is a buidler who loves Python and open source.  Most recently Piper works for the Ethereum Foundation running the Python team which maintains and develops tools with a focus on facilitating and support research efforts as well as building core infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem.Other projects of his include the Ethereum Alarm Clock, EthPM (Ethereum package management), The Trinity Ethereum client, The Populus development framework, the function signature database.

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