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How to Magician: Improving Technological Governance

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How to Magician: Improving Technological Governance

Duration: 00:17:36

Speaker: Boris Mann, Greg Colvin, Jamie Pitts

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians is a self selecting group of people that collaborate to get to rough consensus and running code that improves the technology ecosystem of Ethereum and related decentralized & cryptographic technologies. We'll discuss what the EthMagicians have done to date, how anyone can join and contribute, and how to self-organize to reach consensus  and commitment on subsequent action.
About the speakers


Boris Mann

Boris is the Managing Director of Frontier Foundry, a collective that works on global opportunities around blockchain, community data, decentralized technology, open source, and civic tech.Boris started his tech career as a founder focused on the first wave of open source, building the first commercial Drupal company and growing the worldwide community. Boris transitioned to a focus on venture, founding the first Canadian startup accelerator, Bootup Labs, and running the Full Stack seed fund. He is the founder of Open Angel in Vancouver, and volunteers for the Canada-wide National Angel Capital Organization.Boris recently has focused in deepening his experience in blockchain from a technical and regulatory perspective, founding Finhaven, which is building a global securities issuance platform powering regulatory compliant security tokens. He also volunteers in supporting the Ethereum Magicians initiative as event organizer and facilitator.


Greg Colvin

Scientist & Engineer

Greg is a Core Developer of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. His career spans decades, from a psychology PhD at Cornell through artificial intelligence, optical storage, and information retrieval startups in Boulder and San Francisco, optimization of the JVM interpreter in the Oracle kernel, service on the C++ standards committee, to his current incarnation as the Gandalf of Ethereum. He likes fast cars and loud guitars.


Jamie Pitts


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