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Better than free? The end of FAANG.

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Better than free? The end of FAANG.

Duration: 00:19:46

Speaker: Eduardo Antuña Díez, Pol Bordas

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Revolution started with home PCs. Then the cloud came and freed us from storage worries, backups and availability but at the cost of privacy and surveillance. In this talk we suggest that the solution is a personally-owned distributed cloud. Home servers with redundancies that ensure availability and provide space and computation for other users to use in exchange for infrastructure usage payments. But FAANG (except Netflix) offer their services for free in a model where User Data is the revenue maker. They offer genuinely great UX for users, that happily trade their privacy away. How to compete with their millions of $ of R&D and market share? Many technologists in the Ethereum space agree that decentralization is inherently better, but in the past many projects have claimed to be better than the current alternative and failed. The 10x rule (loosely adapted) states that in order to challenge the status quo, something needs to be 10x better. So what’s better than free? Getting paid for using it. Incentivization models and a robust distributed infrastructure layer are key. In our talk we put incentivization, TCRs, secure distributed computation and node federations together for the 10x next stage.
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