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ERC 20 Test Suite: Towards Decentralized Security

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ERC 20 Test Suite: Towards Decentralized Security

Duration: 00:22:13

Speaker: Alexander Seleznev

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Nowadays, a lot of Dapps and exchanges interact with ERC20 tokens and they expect certain behavior from those contracts. It is crucial to make sure that the token fully complies with ERC20 standard to avoid loss of funds and reputation. The problem is that one cannot easily verify this compliance. This can be done only by ordering an audit or writing and running a bunch of tests. However, these options are expensive and not scalable. In my speech, I will tell about a decentralized tool that we created to help developers solve such problems. ERC20 Test Suite is a service that runs a series of tests for ERC20 standard compliance in the form of on-chain transactions. The final test results are recorded in a smart contract. Test Suite cannot fake the test results as each test is a transaction recorded in the blockchain. SmartDec ERC20 Test Suite is open source: Also, we have deployed our centralized instance of the tool here:



About the speakers


Alexander Seleznev

Chief Business Development Officer

Alexander Seleznev graduated from Department of Physics of Moscow State University in 2010. He has more than five years of scientific research experience, along with almost a decade experience in the field of web development, marketing, and business analytics.Starting from 2017 Alexander works at SmartDec as Chief Business Development Officer. He works closely with the development department and builds the strategy for the whole blockchain research in SmartDec.

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