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Hardening Smart Contracts with Hardware Security

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Hardening Smart Contracts with Hardware Security

Duration: 00:22:32

Speaker: Nicolas Bacca

Type: Talk

Expertise: Advanced

Event: Devcon 3

Date: Nov 2017

Trusted hardware is not your enemy – as threats against cryptocurrencies are evolving (from dumb malware sweeping private keys to smart attackers attacking the presentation layers of smart contracts), we’ll review during this presentation a short history of trusted hardware, how Open Source code can be designed today on modern trusted execution environments to provide a flexible and auditable environment to delegate the security critical parts of smart contracts, and the security compromises made when dealing with the opaque features of trusted hardware.



About the speakers


Nicolas Bacca


Nicolas worked on card systems for 5 years at Oberthur, a leader in embedded digital security, ultimately as R&D Solution Architect. He left Oberthur to launch his company, Ubinity, which was developing smartcard operating systems.He finally co-founded BTChip to develop an open standard, secure element based hardware wallet which eventually became the first version of the Ledger wallet.

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