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Protecting The Baselayer - from Shanghai to Osaka

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Protecting The Baselayer - from Shanghai to Osaka

Duration: 00:21:22

Speaker: Martin Holst Swende

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Most people know that Ethereum runs smart contracts and move ether around. However, "Ethereum Security" involves a lot more than only smart contracts, mining difficulty and managing private keys. This is a talk about the base layer security. There is a peer-to-peer stack, with it's own separate discovery protocol and p2p protocol, which can be used for eclipse-, DoS- and amplification attacks. There's a consensus engine which encompasses a lot more than only the EVM. In this talk, Martin Holst Swende will talk about vulnerabilities, attacks and hotpatching the mainnet -- lesser known incidents, hiccups and close-calls that have occurred on the road from Shanghai (Devcon2) to Osaka (Devcon5).



About the speakers


Martin Holst Swende

EF Security Lead, Geth developer

Martin Holst Swende has been finding vulnerabilities in the Ethereum ecosystem since poc-9, before Frontier, while he was still working in the Infosec industry as a application security consultant. Martin has talked about smart contract security for the last two Devcons, and won the Underhanded Solidity Coding Contest 2017. Martin has been the Security Lead for the Ethereum Foundation since the October 2016, and knows the EVM inside out.

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