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Hunting and Monitoring for On-Chain Attacks

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Hunting and Monitoring for On-Chain Attacks

Duration: 01:41:15

Speaker: Christian Seifert, Dmitry Gusakov

Type: Workshop


Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

Web3 security requires a comprehensive security approach from reuse of secure, audited libraries, audits, threat modeling and security assessments to bug bounties, monitoring, and incident response. In this workshop, we will dissect a real world on-chain attack, categorize each step the attacker took into four distinct stages (funding, preparation, exploitation, and money laundering) and walk through the development of a heuristic/ ML approach to identify these attacks using the Forta Network.


About the speakers


Christian Seifert

Research @ Forta. Prior to joining Forta, Christian spent 14 years at Microsoft leading security research and applied research teams supporting Microsoft Defender security offerings. Christian also led The Honeynet Project, a global non-profit security research organization bringing passionate security researchers together working on open-source honeypot tool development and threat intelligence.


Dmitry Gusakov

Automation lead in Lido. Former TestOps and QA engineer.

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