Watch / Ethereum 2.0 implementation updates 4Q2018/Prysmatic Labs: Implementing Ethereum 2.0 Today

Ethereum 2.0 implementation updates 4Q2018/Prysmatic Labs: Implementing Ethereum 2.0 Today

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Ethereum 2.0 implementation updates 4Q2018/Prysmatic Labs: Implementing Ethereum 2.0 Today

Duration: 00:32:32

Speaker: Hsiao-Wei Wang, Raul Jordan

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

The sharding implementation updates 4Q2018, mainly on Python side. // Sharding and layer-1 scalability are perhaps the most important, forward-thinking changes that Ethereum 2.0 will implement. Ever since the inception of the Sharding FAQ by Vitalik, both the foundation’s research team and the community have actively engaged in bringing ideas together into a solid specification and road ahead for the future of Ethereum. This task will focus around the ins-and-outs of building the high-level Ethereum 2.0’s Casper & Sharding spec into granular code by one of the main sharding implementation teams, Prysmatic Labs. We will analyze caveats we ran into when designing Ethereum 2.0 while the research is still in flux. Ethereum 2.0 encompasses a lot more than software upgrades, as it gives developers the opportunity to pave a path with better design capabilities, a better open source contribution ecosystem through documentations, and a more modular, pluggable set of tools built to last the test of time. We assembled organically as a team to build this out, and we aim to give back to the community from what we have learned so far in terms of building on a volatile research spes, attracting open source talent, mitigating technical debt, and why transparency and public work are important.



About the speakers


Hsiao-Wei Wang


Hsiao-Wei Wang is a researcher and developer at Ethereum Foundation research team, where she works on the Ethereum sharding research and implementation. She has been involved in the blockchain technology space since 2016. Her research interests include blockchain scaling protocol, peer-to-peer network, and state execution engine.


Raul Jordan


Raul Jordan is an Ethereum protocol developer from Honduras that has been building out sharding for Ethereum since the first Sharding FAQ was created with his team, Prysmatic Labs. He studied computer science at Harvard College, is a partner at zk Capital, and is passionate about onboarding more protocol developers by teaching about the ins-and-outs of Ethereum.

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