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State Channels on Ethereum with Counterfactual

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State Channels on Ethereum with Counterfactual

Duration: 00:22:39

Speaker: Liam Horne

Type: Talk

Expertise: Expert

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

State channels are a critical "layer 2" scaling technology for ethereum. State channels let users conduct "off chain" transactions rapidly, without waiting for blockchain latency, but with each transaction still considered a "final" transfer of digital value or other valuable "state". However, they are difficult to engineer - today, many dapp developers have had to "roll their own" channels. Counterfactual aims to make it easy for developers to use channels in their applications, and get started making secure, scalable, performant ethereum dapps today. This talk will cover: - Overview of state channels technology - Introduction to the Counterfactual framework - How developers can get started using Counterfactual today



About the speakers


Liam Horne


Liam Horne is a co-founder of L4 and a core developer of Counterfactual, the open framework for generalized state channels on ethereum. Previous to co-founding L4, Liam was Director of Engineering at Atomic, the CTO of Piinpoint (YC W ’14), and founded Hack the North, Canada’s largest hackathon series. He studied CS at Waterloo, and received the Thiel Fellowship in 2015.

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