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New Paradigms by Non EVM Compatible L2s!

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New Paradigms by Non EVM Compatible L2s!

Duration: 00:53:52

Speaker: Rahul Kothari, Nick Dodson, Joe Andrews, Louis Guthmann

Type: Panel


Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

As L2s become bigger, several like StarkWare, Aztec and Fuel have built a VM that doesn't resemble the EVM for multiple reasons. EVM is great. We love the EVM. But non-EVM based L2s bring about new paradigms, and innovations and expose us to new possibilities that are just not possible on the EVM. These L2s truly are expanding the scope of Ethereum and we should explore these more!


About the speakers


Joe Andrews

Cofounder @ aztec


Louis Guthmann


Nick Dodson

Building the fastest modular execution layer @FuelLabs_ Builder of the only* optimistic rollup on Eth. The autonomous future is here. Prev. #16 @ ConsenSys


Rahul Kothari

Rahul is an engineer at Reddit's crypto team. He previously worked briefly for the Ethereum Foundation and was also a core contributor to Bluesky, the decentralised social media research org by Jack Dorsey. Rahul has worked for multiple blockchain ecosystems and therefore enjoys fiddling with unique blockchain architectures (like those by some L2s). Rahul's current interests are L2s and social tokens. Outside of crypto, Rahul enjoys table tennis, climbing and doing improv!

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