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Plasma Implementers Call Live!

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Plasma Implementers Call Live!

Duration: 00:53:41

Speaker: Karl Floersch

Type: Panel

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

The Plasma Implementers Call is a biweekly call which discusses the cutting edge of Plasma research. We will be doing a LIVE session! This is a great group of 9 people:  Joseph Poon, Karl Floersch, Kelvin Fichter, Dan Robinson, David Knott, Xuanji Li, George Konstantopoulos, Alex Vlasov, & (if I can convince him) Vitalik! You can take a look at the YouTube channel here:  Please subscribe! ;)



About the speakers


Karl Floersch


Karl is an EF researcher working on Casper, Sharding and Plasma. He is also communicating the design patterns this technology is based on in a FOSS course called . Contributing to both the means and memes of decentralization.

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