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Practical Plasma: Gaming

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Practical Plasma: Gaming

Duration: 00:29:32

Speaker: Matthew Campbell

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

Talk will explore how Plasma Cash is changing the blockchain gaming landscape. Viewers will come away with a strong understanding of how to add advanced functionality like real time battles and crosschain token transfers to their existing games. Also we will explore how Plasma Cash enables use of sidehains to speed up gaming. What are the UI/UX difficulties of Plasma Cash? What would having wallets on multiple chains look like. Can we have automatic sign transactions for users? First we will delve deeper into L2 solutions like sidechain and state channels. We will see how plasma cash enables token transfers to sidechains, enabling the game to be fully run on the secondary layer. We will compare from a high level some common L2 solutions. We will walk through the UI/UX choices, how existing wallets interact with Plasma contracts. Then we we will delve into the tradeoffs in UI to speed. Finally we will tie everything together, by showing a working game that uses plasma, on a sidechain. So the audience can get the feel of what the end result of all this work would look like. What kind of games are possible and open up ideas for their future titles.



About the speakers


Matthew Campbell


Matthew Campbell is a CEO of Loom Network, where he built one of the first Plasma Cash implementations, and an Ethereum sidechain framework called the Loom SDK. Previously a microservices scalability expert at DigitalOcean. He is writting a book called "Microservices in Go". He has spoke at over 20 international conferences, including GothamGO, Hashicorp Conf, JS Conf, GO India, UK GOlang, MicroXchng, Prometheus Conf. You can see some videos of my previous talks on my Youtube . He blogs at .  In the past he worked at Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Gucci, and Cartoon network.

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