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Finding the Simplest Path to Digital Sovereignty & Security

By Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen

How We Think About Storing Crypto is Broken

By Cameron Robertson

Lightning Talks

By Homan Farahmand, Ryunosuke Nagayama, Dmitry Kurinskiy, Tim Beiko, Alexander Seleznev

Lightning Talks 2

By Bobby Ong, Graham De Barra, Paul Almasi, Jack Clancy, Dušan Kovačič, Tomasz Kolinko

Nightfall - The Open Source Privacy Solution for Ethereum

By Duncan Westland, Chaitanya Konda, Michael Connor, Paul Brody

Privacy in Ethereum

By Barry WhiteHat

Realigning Incentives for Nonprofits with Ethereum

By Griff Green

Sidechains Are Not Layer 2

By Georgios Konstantopoulos

State of the ENS 2019

By Nick Johnson

Kicking Our Infura Addiction: A Quick-Launch Client

By Jason Carver

The Future History of the Open Internet

By Kevin Owocki

The Future of P2P Applications

By Rich Burdon

The Future of Value

By Sep Kamvar

Welcome to the Samsung Blockchain Galaxy

By Wook Lim, Minji Chae


By Rune Christensen, Victor Rortvedt, Dan Robinson, Eva Beylin

Toward Ethereum 2.0 Sharding Universe

By Hsiao-Wei Wang

Enterprise Ethereum is a Team Sport

By Nadia Hewett

When 1 Million Eth Devs?

By Joseph Lubin

The CBC Casper Roadmap

By Vlad Zamfir

The Optimistic Virtual Machine: an Ov(m)erview

By Karl Floersch

Eth2 Collaboration Culture

By Justin Drake