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Ethereum Foundation Values

By Aya Miyaguchi

Latest on Ethereum

By Vitalik Buterin

Devcon4 Track Overviews

B-U-I-D-L Song

By Jonathan Mann

Making Sense of Layer 2

By Josh Stark

Updates from the Solidity Team

By Erik Kundt

Evolving the Ecosystem & a Metamask Roadmap

By Bobby Dresser, Bruno Barbieri, Kevin Serrano, Jenny Pollack

Smart Contract Security - Incentives Beyond the Launch

By Phil Daian

Unintended Consequences of Product Design

By Taylor Monahan

Cryptoeconomics at Scale

By Karl Floersch

Writing Robust Code

By Bryant Eisenbach, Kirill Pimenov

Introducing Pantheon, a Mainnet Java Client - Demo & Roadmap

By Shahan Khatchadourian , Rob Dawson, Daniel Heyman

The Promise of Trusted Compute for Ethereum Scalability, Decentralization and Privacy

By Sanjay Bakshi, Andreas Freund

Ethermint 2.0: Cosmos SDK + EVM

By Chris Goes

Solutions towards trusted and private computations - built by Golem for the wider ecosystem

By Piotr Janiuk

Gnosis Safe - Make dealing with crypto a less scary thing

By Stefan George

P4: Private Periodic Payments Protocol

By Liz Steininger

IDEN3: Scalable distributed identity infrastructure using zero-knowledge proofs to guarantee privacy

By Jordi Baylina

Privacy-preserving Smart Contracts at Scale

By Noah Johnson

ENS Ethereum Name Service On-boarding Booth

By Beltran Berrocal, Makato Inoue

Towards a socially scalable Etherean future

By Lane Rettig