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Ackee - Mobile Development Studio

By Josef Gattermayer

BUILD a Mesh Network of Human Beings

By Kevin Owocki, Vivek Singh

Building a state channel application

By Tom Close

Dark Crystal Secure Scuttlebutt

By Peg


By Antoine Cote, Philippe Camacho

ethers.js - A Complete and Compact Ethereum Library

By Richard Moore

Nethermind - .NET Core Ethereum Client

By Tomasz Kajetan Stanczak

Water We Doing: The Changing Tides of the Ethereum Foundation Grants Program

By Kenneth Ng

Ethereum Mist - Progress and Challenges Ahead

By Everton Fraga, Alex Van de Sande, Marc Garreau, Philipp Langhans, Ryan Ghods

State of the ENS

By Nick Johnson & Jeff Lau

EthereumJS - Our Roadmap for 2019

By Holger Drewes, Jared Wasinger, Casey Detrio, Vinay Pulim, Alex Beregszaszi

Yul - Intermediate language for Ethereum

By Alex Beregszaszi

RICO - Making ICOs Fair, By Making Them Reversible

By Fabian Vogelsteller

SWARM Team Update

By Aron Fischer & Swarm Team

Universal Ethereum Logins

By Alex Van de Sande

The Trinity Ethereum Client - A platform for blockchain applications

By Piper Merriam

The State of Whisper

By Guilaume Ballet

Introducing Formality

By Victor Maia, Leonardo Souza

devp2p development update

By Felix Lange

Special Projects 2018

By Virgil Griffith

Welcome and Song

By Jonathan Mann