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Introduction to SNARKs

By Christian Reitwiessner

Democratizing zk-SNARKs: Improved setup, performance and security

By Sean Bowe

Parameter Generation

By Andrew Miller

How does one use a SNARK for something (DSL's/toolsets)

By Jacob Eberhardt

Scalable, Transparent and Post-quantum Secure Computationaql Integrity ...

By Prof. Ben-Sasson Eli

Secure Decentralized Oracles: Applying Intel SGX and TownCrier to external data...

By Sergey Nazarov

Snopes Meets mechanical Turk on a Blockchain: Reality Keys, On-chain Truth Verification and Subjectivocracy

By Edmund Edgar

Breakout Session on P2P Technologies Introductory Remarks

Swap, Swear and Swindle Games

How Truebit Can Leverage PoW + PoA

Web3 Goes Live -- Livestreaming Video on the Peer-to-Peer Internet

Streamr stack for P2P data transport and off-chain analytics

By Henri Pihkala

Self-sovereign BigchainDB data injection in smart contracts through the Jolocom Identity Gateway

By Dimitri De Jonghe, Eugeniu Rusu

PSS - Node to node Communication Over Swarm

By Louis Holbrook

Workplace Messaging Using PSS

By Shane Howley, Carl Youngblood

Flying Carpet : P2P Decentralised Autonomous Transportation Network.

By Julien Bouteloup

How to design Auditable Offchain computations via Oraclize

By Thomas Bertani

POT and Databases in Swarm

By Viktor Tron

The Colony Reputation Protocol: a verifiable

By Aron Fischer