Eth LogoDevcon Archive

Show and Tell

By Virgil Griffith

Anatomy of an Ethereum Client

By Andrei Maiboroda

ERC Identity

By Fabian Vogelsteller

Ethereum for Python Developers

By Piper Merriam

Ethereum Protocol Testing

By Dimitry Khokhlov

Cryptography on the Blockchain

By Patrick McCorry

1protocol – Virtual Ethereum Workers

By Axel Ericsson, Zack Lawrence

Advancing Ethereum in Permissioned Networks: Integrating PBFT into Quorum

By Tyrone Lobban, Yu-Te Lin

AION: Connecting Blockchains over a Common Fabric

By Matt Spoke

Pluggable crypto for Ethereum nodes: Masterchain experience

By Alexey Troshichev, Dmitry Bozhko

A Fast and Scalable Blockchain for Enterprise Users

By Jan Xie

Juzix: Maneuvering Data to Flow

By Lilin Sun

Extending Ethereum with Enterprise Smart Contracts

By Marley Gray

The Melon security approach

By Reto Trinkler

Using Ethereum for Secure Decentralized Optimization

By Eric Munsing

Evolution of Smart Contract Security in the Ethereum Ecosystem

By Manuel Araoz

Enter the Hydra – An Experimental Approach to Smart Contract Security

By Phil Daian

KEVM: Overview and Progress Report

By Everett Hildenbrandt

Oyente: Development update

By Loi Luu

Securify: Not Your Grandma’s Smart Contract Verification

By Quentin Hibon

Morphing Smart Contracts with Bamboo

By Yoichi Hirai