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Going From Analogue to Digital woth Otonomous

By Mano Thanabalan

Fully Distributed Cloud Thanks to the Ethereum Blockchain

By Gilles Fedak

A Provably Honest Oracle Model: Auditable Offchain Data Gathering and Computations

By Thomas Bertani

Mist Vision and Demo UPDATED

By Alex Van de Sande

Building Highly Scalable, Optimized, Standardized dApp’s from UI to Contracts

By Nick Dodson

Solutions for Storing and Exchanging Data for Consortiums With Real Use Cases

By Victor Lysenko

Orbit: Distributed, Real Time Web3 Apps with IPFS and Ethereum

By Samuli Poyhtari

Prove It – Blockchain based KYC

By Igor Lillic

Decentralized Commercial Banking

By Dominic Williams

Maker Ecosystem Overview

By Andy Milenius

DigixGlobal’s security robustness and the Stablecoin, DGX

By Anthony Eufemio, Chris Hitchcott

The Decentralized Colllaborative Web

By Matan Field

The new Web3.js

By Fabian Vogelsteller

Ethereum Enterprise

By Matthew Spoke, Marley Gray, Roman Mandeleil, Victor Wong, Henning Diedrich, Alex Liu

Smart Contracts in Java

By David Roon

The Browser-Solidity IDE

By Christian Reitwiessner

Formal Verification of Smart Contracts

By Yoichi Hirai

The Raiden Network

By Lefteris Karapetsas

Smart Contract Security Tips

By Joseph Chow

The Future of Digital Infrastructure

By Matthew Spoke

Formal Verification for Solidity

By Christian Reitwiessner, Yoichi Hirai